How to clean up unavoidable modifications left behind after uninstalling the Easy GDPR app

Unfortunately Shopify has no means to automatically remove integrated HTML code upon uninstallation of an app because as soon as the app is uninstalled they revoke access to the store so nothing can be done by the app anymore. The Shopify team has indicated that they are working on improving this process. You can check out Shopify discussion forums for more on this topic.

Clean up pages

Go to Online Store > Pages, and search for “Personal Data”. Then you can delete the 3 pages:


Clean up template

The template unavoidably left behind is harmless, however it can be removed by doing the following to keep things clean:


  1. Go to Online Store > Themes > Edit code
  2. Search for page.personaldata.liquid and open it
  3. Make sure you are seeing page.personaldata.liquid and click on the Delete button
  4. You have to repeat these points for all your themes, not just the active one

Ask us for help!

If you need help getting things uninstalled please contact our support team.

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